Comfortably rudderless brothers, Hawkeye & Gary juggle their trailer park sensibilities whilst working construction in high end Coconut Grove, Florida.
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A weekly television depiction of the lives of 2 brothers working construction in South Florida. Both wildly undereducated, fun-loving inspired alcoholics, residing in a trailer park, with their parents, a world away from where they practice their trade in toney Coconut Grove Florida.


Misadventures both on and off the job ensue each week. Their ill-advised lifestyle choices, or lack thereof, are the catalyst to the sorrow and hilarity of the storyline. Included in the narrative are their friends and family.

The Cast


Aptly nicknamed Hawkeye, due his wandering left eye, he is the older brother of Gary.


Hard working, harder drinking, with a heart of pure gold.


Will offer unsolicited, well intentioned advice and options to anyone unfortunate to be within earshot –blind to his very obvious poor life choices.


Played by a Danny McBride type.


Younger brother of Hawkeye. Not unlike his older brother, works hard, plays harder.


Easily distracted, impressionable, and screechingly inarticulate. Daily, Gary channels professional wrestling types, whether it’s hollering out of the blue, a la Ric Flair, or raising an eyebrow like his WWF hero Duane Johnson –an obvious contradiction to his shockingly scrawny physique.


Played by a DJ Qualls type.

Leonard Sr.

Family patriarch. Inexplicably has a minor English accent. Devoutly racist.
Occasionally works alongside his boys as his failing health permits.


Tobacco chewing, and hygiene averse, Lenard is tough as nails, enjoys burnt toast, dry cereal and cheap whiskey.


His steely eyed gaze could convey compassion or hatred, compensating for being a man a very, very, few words.


Played by an Ian McShane type.


Does his best to keep the brothers under control, and sober while on the job.


While working long term renovation projects is often forced to safeguard the liquor cabinets of his clients.


Supremely frustrated with brothers antics however realizes they might be the best, and cheapest at what they do.


Played by an Eric Roberts type.


Rarely leaves the trailer, and has taken to doing most of her shopping online.


Loves to watch her ‘stories’ The Young & The Restless / Days of Our Lives etc, and screams during the Price is Right. Momma is obsessed with Cher & Elvis –her two dogs.


Although a homebody bordering on agoraphobic, her daily attire is that of an aristocratic Gone with the Wind style Southern Belle. Presentation is paramount to Momma –all meals prepared in the trailer morning to night are presented on polished silver trays.


Played by a Kathy Bates type.


A friend to both Hawkeye and Gary, and married to a cousin of their employer. Kenny met the brothers when he hired them to complete renovations on his home.


A wildly intelligent raconteur, and very much a man’s man type who made his fortune operating a chain of high-end hair salons.


They became fast friends, and while nowhere near the pitch of the brothers, his professional and personal lives often wade into the grayer areas of society.


Played by a Justin Theroux type.

Key Points

Comfortably rudderless brothers, Hawkeye & Gary juggle their trailer park sensibilities whilst working construction in high end Coconut Grove, Florida.


Trailer park boys in wealthy, uptight, conservative suburban Florida.


Compelling Mental Imagery:
Via casting and set design. The palatable awkwardness of Hillbillies in a GUCCI store.


Male 18-49

Production Costs:
Relatively inexpensive locations. Foreclosed luxury homes, Dive Bars, and set around the Florida Everglades. Florida film and television tax breaks could as well apply.–tv-crews-return-to-florida-as-counties-offer-tax-breaks.


Marketable Title(s):
Both working titles Hawkeye & Gary, and Rudderless, easily roll off the tongue, are memorable, and denote the story within.